Welcome to Optima Neuroscience

Optima Neuroscience is a biomedical research company developing innovative technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. Drawing on years of research in EEG analysis, Optima is dedicated to creating products that will improve the quality of patient care for those suffering from acute and chronic neurological disorders.

More than 10 million patients are hospitalized every year due to acute brain injuries including head trauma, TIAs and stroke, and no technologies exist to automatically detect and predict seizures in these patients. As a result, up to 27% of these patients are misdiagnosed annually, resulting in preventable brain damage and loss of neurological function due to ongoing but untreated seizures. In addition, individuals suffering from seizure disorders such as epilepsy are often left searching for better solutions than currently available medical and surgical therapies.

Optima’s initial product lines feature neurological status monitoring technologies designed to directly address these needs.

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