About Optima Neuroscience

Optima Neuroscience was founded in 2005 by J. Chris Sackellares, MD, a field-leading neurologist with special expertise in epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology, and Synogen, a seed-stage biomedical investment firm managed by Richard R. Allen, co-founder of Regeneration Technologies (Nasdaq:RTIX). The company licensed intellectual property from the University of Florida to pursue its goals of commercializing neurological monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutic technologies.

In March 2007, Optima was awarded an NIH R01 research grant to further develop neurological monitoring technology. Partnering with researchers at the Allegheny-Singer Research Institute in Pittsburgh, Optima lead this initiative to create robust algorithms to automatically analyze electroencephalographic (EEG) signals and deliver useful clinical information to care providers.

Optima‘s IdentEvent was designed to improve the diagnosis and management of patients with seizure disorders. The software is an EEG review application with highly accurate seizure detection that allows neurologists and EEG technicians with specialized training in EEG interpretation to more efficiently reach diagnostic conclusions. Due to the high incidence of epilepsy (nearly 1% of the population) and the relatively low availability of sub-specialists trained in the art of EEG, automated analysis tools are in high demand.

In addition to IdentEvent, Optima is currently developing the CereScopeTM Brain Function Monitor. CereScope is designed to provide rapid, simplified and accurate brain function monitoring in critical care settings such as intensive care units and emergency rooms. This research has been primarily supported by SBIR grants (Phase I, II, and IIB) awarded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

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