Optima Neuroscience Management

Ryan T. Kern, MD, Chief Executive Officer
With a medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School and a bachelorís degree in physics, Dr. Kern brings a unique background in physics, software engineering, medicine and information technology to his leadership of Optimaís operations. His operations background includes several years of commercial medical software development, as well as relevant web design and IT engineering experience. Dr. Kern was drawn to Optima Neuroscience by his interest in emerging medical technologies that can directly improve the quality of patient care.
Timothy J. Tucker, President
As owner and President of Tucker-Davis Technologies (TDT), Mr. Tucker brings 20+ years of experience in the management of a neurological devices manufacturer. Upon completing a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida, Mr. Tucker started TDT to meet the unmet need for commercial signal processing systems that could fully support laboratories and their diverse research interests. Today, TDT is a fully vertical, research instrumentation provider capable of all stages of product development from inception and design through manufacturing and support.
Deng-Shan Shiau, PhD, VP of Scientific Affairs
Dr. Shiau began his research in seizure detection and prediction as a graduate student at the University of Florida in 1997. After obtaining his doctorate in statistics, Dr. Shiau joined the faculty at the University of Florida McKnight Brain Institute and continued to study seizure prediction and control under several NIH funded initiatives. He has special expertise in biostatistics, signal processing and nonlinear multidimensional time series analysis. Dr. Shiau directs all aspects of research and development at Optima Neuroscience.
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